Business Office



The Business Office of the Warren County Sheriff’s Office provides a variety of services for the entire department, which can be divided into four main areas.  First, the Property Tax Division is located in the Business Office, which processes, collects and distributes all property tax funds collected. **FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, PLEASE SEE THE WCSO LINK FOR TAXES ON THE HOME PAGE**.

Second, the Civil Process Service Receipts Section is located in the Business Office. Here, we record civil process requests and services into a database, to ensure accuracy and efficiency of service, and for information preservation.  **PLEASE SEE CIVIL PROCESS PAGE ON THE NAVIGATION BAR TO YOUR RIGHT**.

Third, Out-of-State Vehicle Inspections are conducted in the Business Office.  For a $5.00 fee per vehicle, a certified vehicle inspector assesses your out-of-state vehicle when brought to the sheriff’s office. If you’d like a Warren County Sheriff’s Deputy to come to your location to perform a vehicle inspection, the trip fee is $10.00 plus the inspection fee.  **PLEASE SEE THE VEHICLE INSPECTIONS PAGE ON THE NAVIGATION BAR TO YOUR RIGHT FOR GUIDELINES AND “FREQUENTLY ASKED INSPECTION QUESTIONS”.**

Fourth and last, but certainly not least in importance, the Bookkeeping and Personnel Records Section also operates in the Business Office. This section maintains records for the entire staff of sheriff’s office employees, processes departmental payables; fee claims services for reimbursement from the state, and other day-to-day procedures. Bookkeeping and Personnel also processes new employees and multiple other human resource duties essential to the day-to-day operations of the Warren County Sheriff’s Office.

Whenever we can assist you with any of the services we provide, or if you have other questions, suggestions or requests, just call or come by to talk with us.  The Warren County Sheriff’s Business Office exists to serve our citizens, and to support our community.