TRIAD Program

One of the most meaningful programs in the community, and one of the most important to Sheriff  Gaines, is the Warren County Sheriff’s Office TRIAD, which supports seniors in their daily living activities. In addition, seniors are guided in personal safety, crime triadprevention, and referred to other social service programs as needed. Warren County’s senior citizens are encouraged to look upon the Warren County Sheriff’s Office as a resource for their protection and daily life management, and as a dedicated senior advocate.

Given the contribution that our senior citizens have made to our community, Sheriff Gaines believes the county and its service organizations should respond in kind, by giving back to our seniors - by doing everything possible to improve the quality of their lives in the to assure that they are the golden years, untainted by avoidable anxiety and hardship, imbued with a rich appreciation of all life still has to offer them.

The aim of Sheriff Gaines’ TRIAD program is to enhance life quality for every Warren County seniors, and to make every day safe, productive, and pleasant for our senior citizens. TRIAD is one of the fastest-growing crime prevention partnerships in the country, a cooperative effort of law enforcement agencies, senior citizens, and senior organizations, focused on reducing crimes against our seniors.  In 1988, the American Association of Retired Persons, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, and the National Sheriff’s Association realized that seniors needed protection from criminals. The first TRIAD originated in St. Martin Parish, Louisiana, uniting seniors and law enforcement in crime awareness and reduction. The TRIAD concept has since spread to 47 states, as well as Canada and England.

The goal of TRIAD is to reduce victimization of seniors by increasing awareness of scams and fraud, by enhancing communication between law enforcement and senior communities, and by educating seniors on local and state resources in the community. Warren County’s TRIAD has been recognized by the National Association of TRIADs, Inc. (NATI) as having one of the most active local groups statewide.