Meet the Chief Deputy

Meet Warren County Sheriff's Chief Deputy

Major Tommy Smith

Major-Tommy-Smith (1)One of the most important lessons I’ve learned from Sheriff Gaines about our organization is: The Warren County Sheriff’s Office belongs to the people, to each and every one of you. While we are here, we are temporary custodians of the office, sworn to uphold and fulfill the duties of our county’s office, and morally bound to keep the people’s trust.

My family has a broad range of law enforcement experience. My father was a Kentucky State Police Trooper for over 25 years, and I also served with KSP. I was fortunate enough to work in multiple areas, as a trooper, an undercover officer, and a criminal investigator handling complex investigations. This background, in which I worked with local, regional, state and federal law enforcement agencies across this state and around the country, was excellent preparation for my present position at the Warren County Sheriff’s Office. For daily operations here encompass all aspects of civil and criminal law enforcement.

And we at the Warren County Sheriff’s Office understand that law enforcement, in all its capacities, exists for you - to make life in our community secure, to protect those who need protection, to discourage elements that jeopardize the county’s well-being, and to deliver on the assurance of safety to the residents and visitors of our community. We want the people of Warren County to know that when you need help – whether you pick up the phone, dial 911, or walk in our office with a request, you have our guarantee of support and help.
We employ some of the best-trained law enforcement personnel in the state. Another of our goals is to utilize the available technology to be as efficient as possible, to keep pace with the growth of our community and the increasing volume of calls for service.

My professional and personal philosophy is simple: Every day, I promise to treat people like I’d like to be treated. And our shared mission at the Warren County Sheriff’s Office is to help those who can’t help themselves, to protect them and ensure their safety, particularly our community’s small children and the elderly.
Like the sheriff and our staff, I take that responsibility very seriously. And since I’m a lifelong resident of Warren County, anyone disappointed in us, is probably someone I already know, and it’s tough enough to disappoint a stranger, but even harder to let down a friend, neighbor or acquaintance - and we don’t want our agency to disappoint anyone.

Despite law enforcement’s sometimes adversarial aspects, the most satisfying part of our work is helping people. Because when you see the relief and appreciation on a person’s face, and you realize that you made a positive difference in someone’s day, just when they needed you, that’s the most rewarding feeling in the world.

If we can assist you, call today @ 842-1633, or come by our office.
Major Tommy Smith
Chief Deputy of Warren County Sheriff’s Office